We roam our universe as a professional and cohesive crew, handling everything that comes our way and enjoying this unique ride together.


CEO & marketing consultant

Wildlife photography, reptile and lizard husbandry, insect eating, tin chess making, ice hardening and archery are just a small sampling of the hobbies that characterize our CEO Miro. Above all, though, it’s his love and passion for marketing, which he’s been doing for more than 16 years.


UX designer

Modern technology, photography and creativity, that´s our Tomáš. He is a fountain of great tips and knowledge about everything online, and he always manages to conjure up awesome websites and other digital wonders. “Design is so simple, so why is it so complicated?” – Paul Rand


PPC specialist

A ppc magician with music in his heart. Advertising campaigns and composing is his life, whether in commercials or music. If you don’t find him buried in spreadsheets and analysis, he’s surely sitting in the rehearsal room, with guitar in hand, bringing new songs to life with his band.


copywriter / content creator

With a passion for singing, music and everything new in the social media environment, Bohuš is constantly looking for ways to improve, especially in the area of creating engaging short videos and other viral content. Armed with a background in psychology, he seamlessly blends art, advertising psychology and emotion in his work. His goal is to create content that not only informs, but also enriches and entertains audiences.


graphic designer

A lover of art, books, music, playing piano and bass, punk, street art, but above all a philanthropist of everything connected with the mysterious and fascinating universe. This is Matty. He translates the motto into his life: “Never lose your foolishness. Keep your mind forever on the stars.


graphic designer


social media specialist

Our young and crazy manager of social networks who is always in the picture and always has the latest marketing trends in her sights. In addition to her passion for this job, she allows herself to indulge in other hobbies – dancing and her love for dogs. Her motto is: “Words speak, but emotions sell.


mystery shopping

He doesn’t enjoy being incognito, but he enjoys exposing the flaws of his clients’ businesses. He enjoys seeing rapid improvements after delivering analysis with constructive criticism.