Cafézia is an exceptional coffee brand trying to make a name for itself in the competitive Italian market. Their dedication to innovative thinking and determination to stand up to the sharks of the coffee industry resonates strongly with us.

Cafézia is our latest client for whom we are currently creating a distinctive communication strategy tailored to their market and target (Italian) audience, which is a new experience and a great challenge for us. In addition to us, Samuel Kušnír from Bold Human studio is also involved in shaping the complete visual identity of the brand. Cafézia is not just a client for us – it embodies our shared passion for innovation, quality and an unwavering commitment to bring something new and original to the world (and besides, we love quality coffee).

Creation of ESHOP

As their trusted advertising partner, we took on the task of bringing their premium coffee experience to the fingertips of coffee connoisseurs through the e-shop. We carefully designed and launched their new e-store to ensure that it not only reflects the richness of their coffee blends, but also works flawlessly to provide customers with a convenient and easy shopping journey.

social networks

Recognising the importance of truly understanding the nuances of the Italian market, we embarked on a trip (a working trip) to Italy – to glamorous Venice, where, with the help of our team and a model, we created our own visuals – photographs and videos – that breathed life into Cafézia’s social media presence. Social media isn’t just a platform; it’s a dynamic space where Cafézia interacts with its audience and shares not only the products, but also the story behind each blend. It’s about creating a community that resonates with the coffee culture we have embraced in the heart of Italy.


Thanks to careful planning and execution, our online marketing campaigns have become a catalyst for increased brand awareness and, consequently, a substantial increase in sales. We understand that it’s not just about visibility; it’s about creating campaigns that reach audiences and turn engagement into tangible results. Regularly nurturing these campaigns has become an integral part of our partnership, ensuring a steady flow of orders for Café.


Here’s a little taste of how the photo shoot in Venice turned out with a great model and excellent Cafezia coffee: