Epera - prešovská pražiareň

Epera Coffee is a coffee roastery in Prešov, where a father and his daughter do their job with love and willingness to bring freshly ground coffee to their customers. We are big fans of this concept because the values of this roastery are the same as ours. Our collaboration is a shared journey of celebration of craftsmanship and the joy of each precision-crafted blend.

E-SHOP creation

Our web and e-shop solution is a blend of functionality and aesthetics, allowing coffee drinkers to explore, select and purchase their favourite coffee blends in just a few clicks. Plus, with secure payment gateways and user-friendly navigation, the e-shop offers a digital experience that complements the brand’s rich story.

social networks

Part of our strategy in presenting the brand at TikTok was to invite the audience to become part of the Epera Coffee family. Through engaging videos and behind-the-scenes moments, we offered viewers a glimpse of a dynamic live roastery expansion. From the fascinating sight of coffee beans dancing in the roastery to the heartfelt interactions between a father-daughter duo, each video encompassed the passion and dedication that define the essence of the brand..


Creating PPC campaigns for Epera Coffee is like roasting the perfect coffee bean – it requires precision, skill and a pinch of creativity. From showcasing the meticulous roasting process to highlighting the passion that is associated with each blend, our campaigns aim to convey the essence of the brand in a digital environment. Our campaigns are therefore tailored to not only drive traffic and sales, but to engage and convert digital audiences into loyal enthusiasts.