Prešovský Google – that’s what we call a bunch of IT specialists from the company PCProfi, who start one project after another. Strong values and a family atmosphere are the cornerstones of this company and we are trying to keep up with the pace that this company has set. The ambitions are big and we are already enjoying growing markets outside the country.

Creating a weBsite

Our web design is a combination of functionality and creativity and offers visitors a visual experience from the world of cutting-edge IT solutions. From simple navigation to visually engaging content, the website serves as a virtual gateway to the company’s diverse portfolio.

social networks

From informative posts to behind-the-scenes glimpses, on social media we try to connect with the audience on a personal level. A notable highlight in our journey has been the explosion of short videos on TikTok. This viral success not only brought an influx of new followers, but also significantly increased brand visibility and put INTERACTIVE SCHOOL in the social media spotlight.


In addition to the website, we have used our experience to create precise PPC campaigns. Not only did we increase brand visibility in the marketplace, but we also brought an increase in quality leads. By creating engaging ad copy, every click is one step closer to conversion. Our relentless analytics and optimization ensure maximum ROI, ensuring that the brand can continually grow and invest more money in advertising.