We like sports and movement, so the decision to do marketing for Iuventa Michalovce was quick and clear. The girls are very nice and “golden”. Yes, golden – for 14 years, because no one has been able to dethrone them from the throne of 14-time Slovak champions in handball. That’s why we love coming to Michalovce, not only to take pictures of the girls in their new jerseys, but also to their matches, where they are still proving why they really deserve the gold.

Creating a weBsite

For Iuventa Michalovce we created a dynamic and visually captivating website that reflects the team’s prowess and camaraderie. From introducing the girls in their new jerseys to capturing the intensity of the matches, our website design captures the essence of the 14-time Slovakian champions.

social networks

Moments from the games and behind the scenes have created a digital narrative on social media that not only showcases their athletic ability, but also highlights the unique personalities that make up this winning team. Recognizing the power of short-form content, we also ventured into TikTok, where we filmed dance challenges and fun snippets from the practice field – to show the true personality of the team and connect with younger audiences as well.


When creating the online campaigns, our mission was clear from the start – to extend the reach of their hugely successful careers beyond the pitch, to engage fans and, most importantly, to attract new enthusiasts to join in the celebration of their sporting prowess – whether that’s in the online world or in the stands at their games.