Our relationships with our customers are built on loyalty, trust and sometimes even familiarity. This is how we would evaluate our long-standing cooperation with World of Floors, with whom we have been working from the very beginning, and therefore we are pleased to see their exponential growth. We strengthen our relationship every year at the corporate teambuilding events we prepare for the entire company team. We are also happy to have been there when Ondrej Kandrač became the successful “face” of the brand, which has strengthened our friendship even more over time.

ESHOP creation

The website we created for World of Floors is a testament to our commitment to precision and detail, allowing us to showcase the essence of the brand and elevate their online visibility to new heights. The site also highlights the values of loyalty and trust that define their relationships with customers.

social networks

We create engaging content on social media that resonates with their audience, showcasing the quality and aesthetics of their flooring products. From visually appealing product photos to informative and educational videos, each post is designed to grab attention and create positive associations with the brand.


Through careful keyword research, ad optimization and data-driven analysis, our PPC campaigns for World of Floors consistently deliver impressive results. We’ve tailored each campaign to align with their flooring product sales offers, ensuring that every click has a great chance of ultimately translating into conversions.