How did the Timeless brand, which is our CEO’s heartthrob, come to be? In his own words:

“We had been considering building our own e-store and launching a brand that we would do our own marketing. One day I was listening to Hans Zimmer’s Time through the woods and the story of a father and son, their lifelong relationship and memories of their most precious moments began to run through my eyes. It is the analogue watch that can be such a memento of the moments we experience in life. After coming to work, I knew exactly that I wanted to start an e-shop with men’s watches, as something timeless… Timeless.”

A watch is more than just an ornament on your wrist. Every time we look at them, we are looking at over 100 years of history, tradition and honest work. It brings back memories and situations we have experienced with it, as well as the emotions we felt when we first held it in our hands. It is through watches that we communicate our personality and taste.

Don’t be limited by the notifications of modern smartwatches. You don’t need it to count your steps and measure your heart rate, body oxygenation and sleep. Who you are is in your hands. So measure your life by actions, not time.


With this inspiring idea in mind, we set out to create our e-shop, which includes a promo video with a beautiful idea. To further enhance your experience, we created the Brandwatch collection – a range of watches designed with YOU in mind. Imagine wearing a watch face that bears your name, brand or logo. It’s not just a watch; it’s a personal statement that reflects your unique identity. So explore our collection of watches and join us in redefining how we perceive and value time.

PROMO VIDEO timeless.sk