Nowadays it is rare to see that a good friendship can grow into a successful business. That’s why we’re very much rooting for Top Service Windows, two friends who decided to open a business together at a time when contracts weren’t exactly flocking in. We’re proud that after approaching us to help them kick-start their “marketing”, the guys are currently so busy that they have to grow their team.

Creating a weBsite

The first step of the collaboration was to create a user-friendly website. The responsiveness of the site ensures a seamless user experience across devices, and the integration of the portfolio with an easy-to-use contact form makes it easy to engage clients and create orders. The search engine optimized website now attracts organic traffic, making it a powerful tool for success.

social networks

On social media, we create compelling content that resonates with the target demographic and fosters a meaningful connection with the audience. With strategic campaigns and a consistent brand message, we turn social platforms into powerful tools for brand growth. We strive to create content that not only engages, but also leads to conversion.


In addition to the website, we have used our experience to create precise PPC campaigns. Not only did we increase brand visibility in the marketplace, but we also brought an increase in quality leads. By creating engaging ad copy, every click is one step closer to conversion. Our relentless analytics and optimization ensure maximum ROI, ensuring that the brand can continually grow and invest more money in advertising.

We have developed the following case study for Top Window Service:


  • Bring relevant telephone and email enquiries to the client


  • Create a clear, simple website with a high conversion rate
  • Display advertising to relevant prospective customers
  • Analyze data and provide ideas on how to improve relevant metrics

We started with the redesign of the website

The first step was the redesign of the website. The most important elements we focused on were clarity and increasing the conversion rate of the site. We measured clicks on phone numbers, email addresses, and contact form fills as conversion. Subpages with information and photos were created for search categories. Each sub-page is topped with contact information, contact person photos, and a form.

Once the site was created, we used Google Tag Manager to set up site analytics to get data regarding traffic right from the start.


Audit and creation of Google ads campaigns

To acquire customers in the first phase of the campaign, we decided to use exclusively Google search ads. The client had already created an account and campaigns that did not bring him the desired results. The flaw in these campaigns was the lack of setting the desired conversions. This meant that the campaigns were not working effectively as the algorithm was not getting information about the circumstances under which the contact was occurring.

Once the campaigns were created in search, the client recorded relevant contacts from day one. Later, we created a video campaign targeting people who had visited the site in the past. The goal of showing the video ad to this audience was to remind potential prospects of the brand and the services and benefits it offers. In addition to the video, we also created banner ads that were part of the Performance max campaign.

(structure of Google ads campaigns in the period March – September 2023)

Use of Facebook ads

In the summer of 2023, we proposed to the client to use another marketing channel, namely Facebook ads.

The goal of displaying ads using this platform was to increase brand recognition and remarketing (showing ads to people who have interacted with the brand in the past). We used a carousel format, which allowed us to present our portfolio of services more broadly.

For Facebook ads, we focused mostly on brand awareness, and we didn’t expect as high a conversion rate compared to a Google search ad campaign.

We also displayed banners and video ads that we used in the Google ads campaign.

Results in numbers

For the period March-September 2023, we brought campaigns for the amount of € 7,803.68:

  • 1,704 clicks on a phone number or email address
  • on the web
    391 completed forms



This study proves that entrepreneurs who offer an Internet search service can significantly increase the number of customers by using performance advertising on the Internet.

The important factors are:

  • a functional, clear website aimed at high conversion rates
  • setting up measurement of important conversions (e.g. filling in a contact form)
  • effective setup of performance campaigns
  • regular monitoring and analysis of results + suggestions for the next period


Are you interested in our services aimed at increasing sales? Do not hesitate to contact us.